100% natural & organic cold process soap handcrafted in London by Carl with love, care and attention.

Welcome to vuivuibodycare, London.

My name is Carl. In 2006 I discovered natural soaps and gave them a try. To my delight my previously problem skin soon disappeared, my skin not only felt good but looked healthy and glowing too. Since then I have exclusively used natural skin care products.

My initial interest in natural soaps blossomed in 2014 into a passion for natural soap making and VuiVuibodycare was born. I am thrilled to be able to share my line of organic skincare products and this passion with you. All my luxurious products are created in small batches using only sustainably sourced organic and natural botanical ingredients.

VuiVuibodycare's vision is to make the highest quality organic skincare products for a natural healthy you.

Carl x